What to Expect: Trunk-or-Treat 2018

Hampton Christian Church – 810 Deerfield Lane Hampton, TN 37658
Parents and Guardians of Trunk-or-Treaters:
We are proud to offer a TrunK-or-TreaT in the Hampton Community. Everything will start with a welcome and prayer right at 6pm. The Trunk-or-Treat will continue until all of the candy is gone! Hampton Christian is happy to provide a safe, family friendly, Christian environment for kids to get candy during the Halloween season. With that in mind, we ask just a couple things. Please do not wear costumes that would be inappropriate for the setting. We ask that no one comes dressed in a vulgar or gory costume. You or your child want to come as a Zombie? Thats fine…don’t get carried away with fake blood, avoid gory costumes. the weather will not stop our event, we will move into the gym if the weather conditions are poor.  The last thing to know about is parking. We ask people who are not decorating their cars and setting up to give out candy to park in the first lot you come to as you arrive at HCC. All decorated cars will be in the next lot in front of the gym.   
HCC members wishing to setup cars tap on the more below for all of the remaining information
Attendance/ How much candy to have:
We are expecting a large crowd for the Trunk-Or-Treat this year. As a matter of fact, our Facebook page has many shares from people outside of our congregation, so we expect many visitors. I don’t know about you but that is exciting to me! It would be best to prepare for 200. Yes, I said it 200. Some may say I’m dreaming big but think about it. Last year we had right around 100 kids and we didn’t share the event on Facebook as much. This year, the event has been shared on Facebook and the word is out. Plus, too much candy will not upset the kids…their parents, well different story.
The plan right now is to have all of the cars for the Trunk-or-TreaT parked and setup in the parking lot in front of the gym. Please have your cars decorated and ready to go at 5:50PM.  The plan is to pray together and welcome everyone right at 6 and then the TrunK-or-TreaTing will begin. For safety reason we ask that you leave your car parked there until the event is over. There is a plan if the weather is bad…keep reading
Right now the weather is a real wildcard for our TrunK-or-TreaT. This will not stop the event. We will move into the Gym and have a Table-or-Treats, clever name right? I can’t take the credit, it was Angie. We will make the final decision on the location of the TrunK-or-TreaT Sunday morning and let everyone know the plan after the morning worship service!  
Jeremiah McClain
Associate Minister

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