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Join us for “The Story”

It is not too late to join us for “The Story”, we continue tonight in chapter 4, starting at 7PM. What is “The Story”? Great Question! “The Story” is a 31 week series that covers the Bible, Genesis to Revelation. Naturally, we cover large portions of Scripture each week, but do not be alarmed! You can easily get caught up to us. A video of each session is available on our app under the videos tab, or on YouTube by searching “Hampton Christian Church”. As long as everything goes as planned, we will start live-streaming our sessions next week. Tonight will be recorded and added to the APP tomorrow. Our goal is to make to series accessible, so everyone can see the sessions. Now there is no reason not to get caught up and involved. We hope to see you for “the Story”! 

Missing Information? Refresh your app.

This Sunday, did you open up your HCC app and the bulletin for this week was not there? You were not alone. There is a simple fix in the HCC app. For all users there is a refresh option in the bottom corner of the menu. It looks something like this:
If you have yet to refresh your app, it may need multiple refreshes. As always, If you have any questions talk to Jeremiah. He would be glad to help.