Make sure you update your HCC App

The HCC app has so much information, make sure you keep you app up to date so you get all of the information we publish. Just a friendly reminder, here is how you update your app. In the top Left corner select the icon with 3 lines stacked on one another. Then at the bottom of that tab you will see an icon with arrows (it looks similar to a recycling image), tap on that. If the app has new updates a black dialogue box will pop up. Your app is updated with the current information after that.  
Click “more” to see what is new on the App
New additions to the app.
  • Link to the Youth Website (Select More, then Youth)
  • Link to the TCTC information (Select More, then TCTC)
  • The December 2018 Newsletter (Select Newsletter, then December Newsletter)
  • Video Throwback to TCTC 2011 (Videos)

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