APP available for Android Users

Hey Church Family, the HCC app is now available for android smartphone users. Go to the google play app store and search “Hampton Christian Church” and download the HCC APP! If you accept notifications, you will know each time we add a bulletin, newsletter or blog post. We can also send notification reminders of special events and schedule changes. The app changes how easily you can access the bulletin, newsletters, event calendar, give tithes online, and even read scripture. Events in the future will have schedules and event information posted directly to the app. This app will make all of the information you need about HCC readily available to you. Be sure you check it out!
The app will be available on iPhone and iPad sometime this week. We will let you know when it is available.
Associate Minister

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  1. Tammy Ruehl says:

    Awesome I’m always needing to know something.

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