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We Have a Plan: Trunk or Treat 2019

Our congregation is very excited to host a Trunk-or-Treat once again! Trunk-or-Treat starts on Sunday evening (Oct. 27th) at 6pm. This year we are preparing for a large crowd, each member of our congregation has been advised to bring extra candy. Our goal is to have more than enough candy, we are ready for your family to join us!  Our intention is to be outside in the parking lot. We do have a plan in place if the weather conditions are poor. Be sure you Join us Sunday at 6pm!   
Outdoor Plan
1. HCC members will have their cars decorated and ready in the parking lot by 5:30pm. 
2. Prayer and welcome at 6pm in the Sanctuary
3. Guide your children through the parking lot in a circle until you have visited every car. 
4. After your Children have loaded up on candy, you are free to leave. 
Indoor Plan
1. HCC members will have their tables decorated and ready in the gym by 5:30
2. Prayer and welcome at 6pm in the Sanctuary
3. Our gym has an entrance in the back of the building where you will enter to start the Trunk-or-treat.
4. The gym will be setup so that you go through the gym (Back to front), load up on candy. 
5. Once you have gone through the maze of tables in the gym you will be able to exit through the front doors. This will stop us from being overcrowded in the main hall. 

Cards & Calendar Fundraiser

Starting September 8th the HCC Youth will have Cards (Christmas & General Greeting) available in the foyer. A pack of cards is $5 and each calendar is $5. All funds raised will help the Youth group attend TCTC in January 2020. For more info, see Jeremiah!